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Step-On Bus Tour Guides

Contact us for step-on bus tours guides!

We have two main itineraries, but can be flexible to arrange for a guide to meet your time and itinerary needs:

1) Parris Island and Parris Island History Museum


This 2 1/2 hour guided tour to Marine Corps Recruit Depot – Parris Island is a big hit with all groups.  Includes tour in your bus of downtown Beaufort (although buses are restricted as to where they can go and what they can see in downtown Beaufort) and visit to Parris Island.  Please note: arrangements for Parris Island must be made more than 2 weeks before arrival date and preparation includes gathering all names, birth dates, and Driver’s License information for everyone on the bus (we can email the form to you).  The visit to the Parris Island History Museum is free but they do accept donations.  It is a great museum and includes a movie called “The Crucible” that shows the final training event of the Marine recruits before graduation.

2) Visit to the Penn Center and Darrah Hall (National Park Service museum of the new Reconstruction Era National Park) and a Gullah Art Gallery, all on St. Helena Island


This 2 1/2 hour guided tour is to Darrah Hall, on the grounds of the Penn Center (created in 1862 by Laura Towne and Ellen Murray to educated the newly freed enslaved people; also the site for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of the early 1960’s attended by Dr. Martin Luther King, Andrew Young and Joan Baez; and a local Gullah Art Gallery, where you will hear local history covering Robert Smalls (a Beaufort slave who stole a steamship called the Planter during the Civil War and turned it over to the US Navy in a daring escape) and Harriett Tubman (who spent 3 years on and off in Beaufort during the Civil War and led the Combahee Ferry Raid to free over 750 enslaved people from the Combahee rice plantations 20 miles north of Beaufort).

Contact us by email at or by phone at (843) 838-2747 to discuss putting together an itinerary that meets your group’s needs.