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Top Tips That Will Make Your Next Family Getaway A Breeze


Top Tips That Will Make Your Next Family Getaway a Breeze

Family travels can often bring a mix of emotions and when children are involved things can
become a little chaotic. There is often excitement, frustration, anxiety, glee, and exhaustion,
sometimes varying from one moment to the next. Try these tips for making your next trip easier
and more fun for the whole family.

Choose a Destination Everyone Can Enjoy

When you’re vacationing as a family, it’s important to find a place everyone can enjoy. For
example, if you’re planning a trip to Hilton Head (which is about an hour away from Beaufort),
there are several incredible destinations at your disposal. In addition to Pinckney Island
National Wildlife Refuge, you can check out the Shelter Cove Towne Centre or spend some
quality time sharpening your golf game at one of the area’s two dozen beautiful courses. And
don’t forget about your accommodations: take advantage of filtering options on sites like
Turnkey to help you locate a vacation rental best suited for your family’s needs. Take the time to

apply filter options most important to you (number of bedrooms, the ability to bring your pet
along, etc.), which will help you zero in on the best fit.

Pack Wisely

When you’re traveling with kids, the last thing you want is to not have access to necessities.
While that doesn’t mean hauling the kitchen sink along, it does mean thinking of ways to
accommodate your kids and keep them comfortable throughout the trip. For instance, some
experts advocate bringing along pull-ups if your youngster is in the midst of potty training. It can
mean navigating exchanges or lengths between rest stops are much more doable.
If you have an infant, a travel crib can be a boon. Having a small travel crib can greatly
increase the ability to travel with ease when kids are small. It’s a highly portable, lightweight
option that takes up very little space and even comes with its own carrying case, which means
transport is a breeze. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing your child will always have a
comfortable, clean option for sleep. Unknowns aren’t much fun when it comes to sleep.
The bottom line is to contemplate the stages your children are in and make sure you cover your
bases and meet their needs.Something for Everyone
Talk to your children before your trip about all the activities available at your destination. The
New York Times suggests letting each child pick one thing they really want to do, and do it. It’ll
give them all something to look forward to and nobody will feel left out.

Smart Scheduling

Most of us are used to being on the run these days. When you’re traveling with kids, if you try
to jam too much into your itinerary you can end up frustrated. Instead of rushing through your
trip, allow lots of time for savoring what you’re doing instead of hurrying to the next event. That
way when hiccups happen, you aren’t instantly behind schedule.
Another idea to ease your travel plan woes is to arrange flights around your little one’s bedtime.
If you’re looking to make things easy, a sleeping baby is an enjoyable travel companion for
everyone. Are your kids older? In that case, as the Huffington Post suggests, daytime
schedules are your friend, especially if jet lag will be an issue. Try to arrive just in time to go to
bed, and then get up a bit early the next day to help set your clock on the new schedule.

Trade Duties

If there is more than one adult on the trip, be sure to trade off on duties. Babble suggests giving
time frames and setting meeting points so everyone stays on the same page. For instance, one

of you can take the kids for their seventeenth ride on the shuttle bus while the other gets a
timeout, lounging with a magazine or going for a walk.

Lighten Up

Instead of sticking to what are normally hard and fast rules, allow more flexibility and freedom
than usual throughout your family trip. For instance, spending more time playing on electronic
devices than normally allowed may be beneficial while in a plane or on a car ride.
You could also fend off boredom by providing something new your kids. Consider getting the
toy Jimmy has had his eye on or the new app for Sarah will come in handy when they have
some downtime. And if everyone wants ice cream every day, indulge! After all, it’s vacation, so
let your hair down and live a little.

Plan a Great Getaway!

Traveling with kids can be stressful, but with smart planning, everyone can have a great time.
Bring what your youngsters need, balance everyone’s fun, and schedule carefully. Make it
about enjoying yourselves and taking it easy, and the whole family will benefit.

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